Turbo Charge Your Soloing Skills With Just One Short Lesson A Day!

Week 3 / Day 1 : Eric Clapton Lick

Welcome to week 3 of Tom’s Big Blues Solo Challenge!

This week, we’ll be learning one final blues lick, before starting on the improvisation side of things for the rest of the week.

Important Note: In the lick videos, you’ll hear them referred to by different numbers – Lick #9 or Lick #12 for example.  The reason for that is because the licks we’re covering in the challenge are taken from our course ‘Blues Around The World’ which features a lot more licks. So when you see that the lick numbers are out of order, that’s why. That’ll make more sense next week, when we get started on actually building solos with these licks.


Step 1: Revisit pentatonic patterns 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 from week one, and spend 10 minutes running through each shape to keep them fresh in your mind.

Step 2: Watch today’s video, learn the lick, and repeat it over and over until you’ve committed it to memory.

After that, you’re done for the day!

As always, if you feel you need it, try another 10 minute session or two throughout the day if you feel you need it.

Eric Clapton Lick (Referred to as Lick #3)

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