Turbo Charge Your Soloing Skills With Just One Short Lesson A Day!

Week 1 / Day 3 : Pentatonic Shape 3

Welcome to day #3 of Tom’s Big Blues Solo Challenge!

Today, we’re continuing our work on the 5 patterns of the pentatonic scale by looking at pattern three.

Simply choose your experience level below, watch the video and complete today’s task.

LEVEL 1: If you’re brand new to the pentatonic scale, then choose  this level. It’ll give you a great intro to the world’s most widely used scale shape.

LEVEL 2: If you’re already reasonably familiar with pentatonic shape 3, then level 2 will take you through an exercise that will help you get to know it even better.

LEVEL 3: If you’re super confident with pentatonic shape 3, then this video will take you through a challenging ‘String Skipping’ exercise that will help push your pentatonic skills to the next level. 


Step 1: Revisit pentatonic patterns 1 and 2, and spend 5-10 minutes running through each shape to keep them fresh in your mind.

Step 2: Watch the video that matches your experience level below, then spend 10 minutes repeating the exercise over and over for pattern 3 of the pentatonic

After your 10 minutes are up, you’re done for the day!

Of course, feel free to try another 10 minute session or two throughout the day if you feel you need it. 

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow for day 4 of the challenge.

If you missed yesterday’s lesson, you can access it here.

Pentatonic Shape 3 (Level 1): Basic Training

Pentatonic Shape 3 (Level 2): 3 Up 1 Down Exercise

Pentatonic Shape 3 (Level 3): String Skipping Exercise

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