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Learn To Master Your Scales In Just 10 Minutes Per Day!

01. Basic Training

02. Warming Up

03. The Exercises - Intro

04. The Exercises - Training

05. The Exercises - Slow

06. The Exercises - Medium

07. The Exercises - Fast

08. The Next Step - Intro

09. The Next Step - Linking Patterns

10. The Next Step - The Major Pentatonic

11. The Next Step - Changing Keys

12. The Next Step - Final Words

13. The 3 Hotspots

Below you’ll see tab for all 5 pentatonic shapes.You’ll notice some notes in patterns 1, 2 and 5 are displayed in red. These are your pentatonic ‘hotspots.’

Spend some time improvising with each of the 3 hotspots. Start using just one hotspot, and jam with it over your backing tracks. Then try the next hotspot for a while, before attempting the final hotspot.

Once you’ve had some fun with that, try mixing the 3 together.

One final tip: The notes shown in the square brackets eg. [7] are the root notes of the scale. If you’re playing in the key of A, the root note will be an A note. If you’re playing in D, the root note will be a D etc.

When you’re improvising, try finishing your licks, on the root note. You’ll notice it feels like ‘home.’ Feel free to let this note ring out a little to give your solo some space, and room to breathe, kind of like the period at end of a sentence. 

Always remember, don’t expect too much of yourself right out of the gate. Keep up the practice, and over time good things will happen.

Wow!  You completed the course! Congratulations! I bet you’re asking… now what?

The next step in your journey is to learn how to turn these scale shapes into killer, improvised solos.

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