"Drastically Improve Your Guitar Skills Within The Next 30 Days Or Your Money Back!"



Now I know that sounds like an extremely bold claim BUT believe it or not – if you have the right guidance and the right hands-on help to walk you through the guitar mastery journey there really is no limit to how far you can go.
It doesn’t matter how much or how little experience you have…
It doesn’t matter if you’ve struggled in the past…
And it doesn’t matter how old you are.
The formula for guitar success is:
A Proven & Focused Plan + First-Class Guidance (To Get Your Through That Plan Without Struggling)

The most important thing you need in a guitar teacher!

Now…as a guitar player, the single most important thing you need to look for in a  teacher is someone who has a plan. Without one, you’ll find your guitar playing life will be much harder than it needs to be.
It’s like trying to run a marathon with your shoe laces tied. You might get to the finish line eventually, but it’s going to take you much longer to get there. Not only that, it’s going to be a miserable experience leaving you exhausted and frustrated the whole way.
Having a solid plan is like having a roadmap to your guitar learning journey. When you can see a path laid out before you, not only will you be able to see where you’re going, you’ll also have an understanding of WHY you’re learning these things.
If you’ve been through as many guitar teachers as I did when I was a kid, you’ll know that frustration of weeks and months going by with very little progress to show for it. You might be able to play some cool tunes but in terms of your overall skills improving, you often find yourself running in circles.

You also, need THIS…

The next most important thing you need in a guitar teacher is for them to have the ability to expertly guide you through that plan.

Every guitar player faces different struggles on their journey to guitar mastery and the best laid plans can quickly fall apart when you hit an obstacle. Without someone to skilfully guide you through that obstacle, things become much more difficult than they need to be.

Again, Every Guitar Player Needs:

A Solid Structured Plan & Expert Guidance

 If you’ve been on the Blues Guitar Master or Guitar Lesson Central mailing list for a while, you’ll know we offer a great range of killer video guitar courses. We teach everything from lead guitar skills, to rhythm playing, slide guitar, speed building techniques, you name it…
» What if we could take that a GIGANTIC step further?
» What if we could beam our lessons directly into your home LIVE?
» What if we could be there to answer your questions immediately? 
» What if we could be there on hand to diagnose any guitar problem you had and instantly provide the solution there and then?
I’m sure you’ll agree, that would be pretty darn cool 😃
Well, the good news is we’re launching a brand new website that does exactly that. 
I give you…


This is a brand new way of learning guitar the likes of which you’ll have never seen before.

For the first time ever, we’ll be running LIVE guitar lessons every week streamed directly onto your computer screen, tablet or mobile device. Not only will you be able to dramatically improve your guitar skills with these lessons, you’ll be able to interact with us live right on the screen.

So…How Does This Help?

LEARNGUITAR.LIVE takes away the struggle and frustration. We’ll literally be there for you, on hand to guide you through every step of the guitar learning journey via high definition video. 
If you’re having an issue with a particular chord shape…simply tell us during any live session and you’ll get a step by step explanation to solve it there and then.
Having problems with playing solos? Again, let us know and we’ll prescribe a study plan to get you through it.
We’ll solve literally any guitar playing issue for you immediately…100% live…in real-time.

Can’t Make A Live Session? We’ve Got You Covered…

Every single lesson will be recorded and uploaded to the members area almost immediately after we finish a session. That means if you can’t make it, you can catch up later in your own time.
We’ll even be running weekly Q&A only sessions where we answer every question our users have sent in from the past week. If you miss a live class and have a question, simply email us and we’ll answer it live on camera at the next Q&A session.
The good news is, even if you’ve struggled with guitar in the past, it’s easier than ever before, especially when you follow a proven system like ours. Not only that, this unprecedented level of support has never been available before. 
That’s precisely why we created this brand-new website! 
Nowhere else will give you this level of hands-on support with your guitar learning journey.
We’ll take you through a proven step-by-step guitar learning blueprint to help you quickly learn and master the guitar like never before…
…and most importantly, having the extra level of LIVE attention helps you cut through any obstacle much quicker than before.

Here’s A Quick Look At What You Can Expect From LearnGuitar.LIVE…

» How To Play Killer Lead Guitar Solos!
» How To Master The Fretboard Notes!
» How To Join Scale Shapes Together Into Long Flowing Patterns, So You Can Play Awesome Runs Up & Down The Neck!
» Building Up Your Finger Speed To New Faster Speeds!
» Mastering Your Guitar Scales & Unlocking New Sounds!
» A Mix Of Styles From Blues, Rock & Pop, Acoustic, Fingerstyle & Many More!
» You’ll save money on hiring expensive 1-2-1 guitar teachers – Any teacher worth hiring these days can cost $100 or more per hour!
» You’ll save time! You can rest assured that what you’re practicing in these lessons will give you results plain and simple.
No more wasting hours wondering why you’re not making any real progress. These lessons are here to help you escape that frustration!
…and so much more!

Once you see what it’s like to learn with our brand new LIVE system you’re going to feel like a rockstar guitar player, finally unlocking the fretboard and being able to play like never before.

Check Out This Example Of One Of Our LIVE Classes:

Here Are The Upcoming Classes For July 2018:

»» Beginner Level

Week 1: Open Chord Fun
Week 2: Let It Be – The Beatles
Week 3: Two Bar Strumming
Week 4: Losing My Religion – REM
Week 5: Q&A With Dion

»» Intermediate Level

Week 1: CAGED With Pentatonic 1
Week 2: My Girl – Smokey Robinson
Week 3: CAGED With Pentatonic 2
Week 4: Major Exercise In G & C
Week 5: Q&A With Dion

»» Advanced Level

Week 1: Dominant 7th CAGED Chords
Week 2: 12 Bar Blues With CAGED
Week 3: Nobody Knows You – Eric Clapton
Week 4: Cool Major/Minor Licks
Week 5: Q&A With Dion

And of course our regular Saturday morning Q&A sessions with Dan too!

Do NOT Pickup Your Guitar Again Without Giving This A Try!

Seriously… don’t do it. With your first live session, you could be rebooting your guitar playing life and learning to master this stuff the right way.

Why risk wasting another minute when you can quickly and easily use this proven step-by-step, LIVE learning system, all for a fraction of the cost of a 1 hour lesson with a pro tutor.

Our lesson plans are proven and couldn’t be more simple to follow…

…you just need to show up to the live sessions or watch the recorded re-runs in the members area and you’ll be on the road to guitar success.

This is a VIP Invitation-Only Opportunity!

Now, LEARNGUITAR.LIVE is a brand new website that’s not even open to the public yet. The only people we’re allowing in are by invitation only. As a follower of Blues Guitar Master or Guitar Lesson Central, you’re on the exclusive VIP list that’s going to get you in today.
When we eventually launch to the public later in 2018, we’re going to be charging $37/mo. When you consider the cost of an in-person 1-2-1 teacher can be $100 or more PER HOUR, that price will be an absolute STEAL!
As you’re on the VIP list, you can get in at a super early bird price that’s going to blow you away.

You won’t pay $37…

You won’t even pay $27…

For a very limited time we’ll be letting in a small group of 100 early bird guitar players with our SPECIAL PILOT MEMBERSHIP at…

Just $17/mo!

IMPORTANT: You pay $37 $17 today to secure your Special Pilot Membership To LEARNGUITAR.LIVE. If you decide to keep your membership simply do nothing and after 30 days you’ll be automatically billed another $17. If you’d like to cancel, simply email us and we’ll cancel your account immediately.

You can cancel at any time with no commitment and no restrictions whatsoever!

That’s less than one-fifth of the cost of ONE SINGLE GUITAR LESSON with a pro-level tutor.

That’s just $3.92 a week to get access to this killer new learning experience.

When you consider we’ll be running 4 LIVE SESSIONS a week, that makes it just over $1 per lesson!

That’s a crazy unbeatable value, right there!

Remember every lesson is recorded and added to the members area, so you’ll never miss a session. With every passing week we’ll be building up a huge back catalogue of lessons, so even if you can never make a live session there’ll be plenty to keep you busy!

What’s more, as we move closer to the public launch we’re looking to add even more live sessions, with us eventually aiming to provide live lessons 7 days a week.

With LEARNGUITAR.LIVE YOU can become a guitar master and have your friends and family wonder what the hell happened when you start burning up and down the fretboard like a guitar god!
You’ll save a huge amount of time, effort and headaches with unprecedented access to our live tutors. Have a question? Get it answered immediately on screen, it’s as simple as that.

Check Out These Reviews From Our First Test Group…

Member Feedback

The Choice Is Yours…

If you want to be one of the first in the world to join this brand-new guitar learning revolution, click the “Add To Cart” button below now. 
Remember, we’re only letting in 100 people before we close the gates. You’ll secure the $17/mo price point and be grandfathered in at that level too, so even when we launch to the public at full price, the fee won’t go up for you.
But the deal gets even better…


For those of you who act now, I’m going to sweeten the pot for you even more with this killer bonus…
Everyone who secures one of the 100 SPECIAL PILOT MEMBERSHIPS will receive the 3-DISC Ultimate Funk Box Set from Blues Guitar Master absolutely FREE!

Just help us out with the shipping costs and it’s yours for FREE!
This 3hr and 14min 3-DVD set is a $147 value and has never before been released to the public. It’s going to give you some killer rhythm and lead skills giving you a serious funk injection. If you like artists like James Brown or The Red Hot Chilli Peppers or guitarists like Nile Rodgers, you’re going to love this.
The best part? You get it sent to you in the mail absolutely free as a signup gift, just for giving LEARNGUITAR.LIVE a try. 

You Have Nothing To Lose!

If for any reason you think this new way of learning isn’t the best thing you’ve ever seen, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you every penny.
Truly, if LEARNGUITAR.LIVE doesn’t show you exactly how to improve your guitar skills…if it doesn’t take you by the hand with step-by-step guidance…or if it fails to help you improve your speed, fluency or pretty much anything else on the guitar, then you get a full refund, no questions asked.

Here’s How To Order Right Now…

Take out your VISA, MasterCard or American Express, click on the “add to cart” button below this video, and fill in the form on the following page. The checkout process can be completed in just a couple of minutes.

Now Before You Go, I Must Give You This Warning…

You Will Make Mistakes
It’s no secret that the majority of guitar players who try to teach themselves can end up picking up terrible bad habits in their playing which then massively restricts their progress down the line.
I’ve seen students give up playing because the way they taught themselves meant they had to go right back to the beginning and spend countless hours undoing the damage by relearning everything from scratch. 
Do get help before you try to do it yourself or you could screw up big time!
When guidance like this is available at this massively discounted price of just $17/mo (or just $1 per lesson) it’d be a huge mistake not to get involved.
Either continue on as you are and risk everything or give yourself a gigantic helping hand by grabbing a spot on this special, early bird pilot membership.

Remember, This Isn’t Even Open To The Public Yet!

This learning system is the ultimate shortcut to mastering your guitar skills. It doesn’t get quicker or easier than this. Remember, we’re getting down to the core techniques you need to improve, with unprecedented levels of support and a minimal time investment.

This system has worked for others just like you and it’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money. It truly is a no brainer.

Okay, that’s all from me. Click the Add To Cart button below now!

IMPORTANT: You pay $37 $17 today to secure your Special Pilot Membership To LEARNGUITAR.LIVE. If you decide to keep your membership simply do nothing and after 30 days you’ll be automatically billed another $17. If you’d like to cancel, simply email us and we’ll cancel your account immediately.

You can cancel at any time with no commitment and no restrictions whatsoever!

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: “Is there a guarantee?”

ANSWER: Yep…LEARNGUITAR.LIVE has a 60-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

QUESTION: “When do the lessons take place?”

ANSWER: Our live sessions will be every Tuesday evening. 6pm Eastern (beginner) 7pm Eastern (intermediate) and 8pm Eastern (advanced). Our Q&A session take place every Saturday morning at 10am Eastern.

Remember, as we grow towards our public launch we’ll be adding more and more LIVE sessions!

QUESTION: “Are these group lessons or 1-2-1?”

ANSWER: All our classes are group sessions. You’ll be able to ask questions via the ‘text chat box’ and get an immediate response during the Q&A section at the end of every session.

QUESTION: “What happens if I miss a live class?”

ANSWER: Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Every live session will be recorded and uploaded to the members area within a few minutes of the class ending.

Even if you can’t make a live class the members area will always have recordings of our previous classes accessible at any time.

 QUESTION:Can I watch these lessons on my phone or tablet?

ANSWERYES! You can watch our lessons on any mobile device that plays video – iOS and Android.


IMPORTANT: You pay $37 $17 today to secure your Special Pilot Membership To LEARNGUITAR.LIVE. If you decide to keep your membership simply do nothing and after 30 days you’ll be automatically billed another $17. If you’d like to cancel, simply email us and we’ll cancel your account immediately.

You can cancel at any time with no commitment and no restrictions whatsoever!