How To Play Jimi Hendrix Style Rhythm Guitar (Part 2)

VIDEO 1: Hendrix Rhythm Lesson (Part 3)

VIDEO 2: Hendrix Rhythm Lesson (Part 4)

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Hi there, Tom here, the founder of

I just wanted to tell you a little bit more about what we’re learning in this week’s series of Jimi Hendrix videos. Be sure to read on because I’m going to share some tips and tricks that you won’t find in any of the videos.

First up let me be clear that the Hendrix style videos I’m sending out this week are not a comprehensive lead guitar strategy. They’re not meant to be that. They will however hopefully illustrate what it’s like to study the guitar the right way.

If you’re not studying a proven roadmap of lessons, in all likelihood you’re probably already making a whole bunch of mistakes you’re probably not even aware of.

With My Experience As A Teacher, I See These Super Common Mistakes Time And Time Again.

However, the good news is, these mistakes are incredibly easy to fix. The real problem is that most of us don’t even know that we’re making these crucial errors in the first place.

Now, I’m someone who went the formal training route with 3 years at guitar school BUT it must be said, barely any of the famous guitar players we all know and love had any formal training whatsoever. Learning and mastering the guitar was something they worked out by themselves.

From my music school experience and later with my own teaching, I realised the stuffy “classroom” experience is really NOT the best way to learn. Over my career as a teacher I discovered there is a better way to do it. And that’s what I consider my life’s mission to be at To give the right lessons, backed up by a solid learning path but approached in the same way players like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King or any number of legendary guitarists would have learned.

The point here is that while there are a million books, dvd courses and even music schools that teach guitar, most of them don’t really equip us with the real tools we need to truly master the instrument, and that’s why exists. We’re here to put clear practical training in your hands. Because the truth is, anyone can do this stuff. You just need the right training.

How To Get The Jimi Hendrix Sound

While these freebie lessons I’m sending out this week are great, the actual best place to start is with our complete Jimi Hendrix study plan. This week’s free lessons give you some great little tricks on how to sound like the big man himself but they’re not a full, note by note breakdown of his playing style. Our study plan however gives you a complete top to bottom tear down of the Jimi Hendrix style and shows you how you can get that sound yourself.

It’s really a Hendrix masterclass of 23 different videos all featuring in-depth, extensive training. These lessons absolutely work, even if you’re not that experienced. Trust me when I tell you, the amount of “behind the scenes” knowledge you’ll get from these videos will blow you away.

Over the years we’ve had literally thousands of students get great results from these lessons.

Do you want to know the best part of the training? It only costs $1!

That’s right, just a buck. Of course there is a little bit of a catch and that is that this strategy is actually only available on this page. You see the strategy that I’m talking about is part of Blues Master Monthly, our online training school for guitar players. Earlier we talked about guitar players not having the training they need, remember? Well we decided to create that training.

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NOW because you’re new to Blues Master Monthly, I really want you to have these Jimi Hendrix videos. So here’s how it’s going to work…

When you get access to the Jimi Hendrix study plan for just a dollar, not only will you be able to start learning immediately with the course itself, but you’re also going to get free access to the rest of Blues Master Monthly, all of it for 14 days. Unlimited access to hundreds of additional lessons for 2 full weeks and if you decided to stay beyond that…we’re going to slash the regular price of $29.95 per month to only 66 cents a day, or $19.95 per month to be exact.

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If you jump on board during this special Hendrix promo, not only do you save over 30%, if you decide to keep your membership you also get grandfathered in at that level too. So it’s an on-going saving. Just be aware, if you leave and come back later the entry fee will be back up to the full price of $29.95.

I don’t know about you and how you feel about your guitar skills right now but for most people a lot of their efforts are wasted without any real direction. If you want to truly super charge your guitar abilities the right way and avoid that boring stuffy “classroom” experience then you need a proven strategy that works. Sadly most people just don’t have that.

With Blues Master Monthly we’ve done all the heavy lifting, all the hard work and all the testing and we’ve boiled it all down to this study method. These lessons consist of a core learning framework that you’re going to use to pick up new skills, enjoy new sounds and finally become the guitar player you always wished you could be.

Here’s What You Get Access To When You Jump On Board Today:

Over 18+ Hours Of Video Featuring Lessons On…

Here’s How To Maximise Your Progress…

Whenever we hear from our students who are really accomplishing their goals, whether that be advancing their skills, creating their own sounds or just having more fun whenever they pick up the guitar, the one commonality that we see is that each and every one follows the same method.

They watch a lesson then put aside around 10-20 minutes to really focus on that one thing. Then next time, they focus on the following lesson, then the next and the next. Imagine how quickly you’d progress with a laser focus like that. The ONLY way you can see significant progress like that is by following a clear, proven study path and that’s what this masterclass is all about.

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Again, we think this is the smallest investment that you could possibly make to get results like this. It only costs a dollar for the Jimi Hendrix study module and with that you’ll get free instant access to hundreds of Blues Master Monthly videos for 14 days, and if you choose to stay beyond that, it’s just 66 cents a day, or $19.95 per month to be exact. Again, remember the usual price is $29.95 per month, so not only are you making a 96% saving today, if you decide to keep your membership you’ll also be saving big moving forward too.

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So it’s up to you. If you’re ready to supercharge your guitar skills, crash through any plateaus or barriers in your playing and start having much more fun every time you pick up the guitar, click the button below and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Get Instant Access // Just $1

IMPORTANT: You pay $1 today to receive access to the Jimi Hendrix Study Module + 18 hours of additional guitar lesson videos. If you decide to keep your membership simply do nothing and after 14 days you’ll automatically get a new study module every month for just $19.95/mo.
You Can Cancel At Any Time With No Commitment
& No Restrictions Whatsoever!

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